It's Time to Stand Up!

We need new lawmakers who will protect Oregon workers, our families, and our rural communities.

Our Mission

Shared Values - One Voice


When we say #TimberUnity, we're not just standing up for the men and women who work in our NW forests.  

Every one of us who is connected to working the land has a voice in #TimberUnity.  

Even if you're not a forester, logger, rancher, trucker, miner, fisher, or farmer, when our jobs go away, it hurts every local business in our community.  

It devastates school funding when we're not properly managing our forests for the Common School Fund.

It hurts our environment when fires ravage our forests.

When mills close, so do entire towns and the prosperity of every person who lives there.

We can no longer support Lawmakers who support special-interests over the working men and women of Oregon.

It's time to stand up and make a change.


Get Involved

If one person can make a small difference, imagine what thousands of us can do working together to defend Oregon.


“I believe that common working folks can still have a voice if they choose to.” 

                                                                                                      ~ Scott Hileman, Oregon forest worker

One log truck driver read the news. Another mill laying off workers. 

Instead of walking away, he called a friend and asked for help building a Facebook page to organize friends and family to go to the Oregon Capitol to try to stop a bad bill that would devastate rural jobs. 

Twenty people went to Salem to talk to their representatives. They didn’t feel heard, so they brought back fifty people. They still didn’t feel heard, so they got in their trucks, and started honking their horns.

And when that didn’t work, they called on more friends on the phone, over their cb radios, and on social media.

The next time, they went back with 1,000 people. 

They rallied, they talked to some friendly lawmakers who were supportive, but it was clear the bill was still passing because too many elected officials were beholden to the special interests who supported the new law being proposed.

In the process, they learned about other laws being considered and passed which would also negatively impact their ability to provide for their families and support their communities. 

Just one person inviting another to get involved has spurred 20,000 people to come together in three weeks. 

This is #TimberUnity.    Everyday people across the state banding together with common goals:

· Protect natural resource jobs;

· Support communities and school funding with those jobs;

· Defend rural Oregonians from policies which make it impossible to prosper.

We are going to fight for our way of life. We are going to fight for our families. We are going to fight for our businesses and employers. We are going to fight for our communities.

Join us in taking back Oregon!


Special interests have bought our elected officials.  It's time to fight back.  Please make a grassroots contribution today to #TimberUnity.