Use your Political Tax Credit for #TimberUnity

In Oregon, you can get a political tax credit when you make a contribution of $50 per person, or $100 per taxpaying couple to the political action committee of your choice.

#TimberUnity PAC was formed to help support candidates for public office that will protect the livelihoods and values of rural Oregonians and the communities that depend on us to make, grow, and build things for all Oregonians.

We also need to have the ability to cover costs associated with rallies and get-out-the-vote efforts.

Please click this link to make a secure donation today.  Your political tax credit will come back to you dollar for dollar on your next tax return.  So if you haven't used it yet for 2019, this is a FREE way that can support our cause.

And if you can give more generously, we'd appreciate the support.  In 2020, we want new leaders representing us in Salem, and it starts by helping #TimberUnity PAC raise the money to defend those lawmakers who already stand with us, and get more like-minded people elected to join them.


No Card? No Problem!

If you want to contribute to #TimberUnity and you want to mail a check, you can mail to:

Timber Unity Pac

89286 Cranberry Lane
Bandon, Oregon 97411

Please remember to include your occupation and employer as well as a phone number with your check so that our treasurer can call you if there are any questions.  Occupation information is required by law from the Oregon Secretary of State's Elections Division. Thank you!